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Re: Mikveh Music and Svigals "Fidl" band and circumcision

Tradition says that Abraham had the first circumcision, and was
recovering from same when he offered hospitality to the angel
who came to tell him that unto him and Sara would be born a son.

But, let's move the discussion of circumcision to a more appropriate
forum, if that's okay.

A copy of the poem that Felder recited is available in the first
issue of the otherwise (except for the cover) lackluster first 
issue of a California, nominally Jewish literary review called
"Davka," back in 1995 or so.


>Re: below
>I just read this paragraph to my friend who is a female and a
>gynecologist (who by the way performs many Kosher circumcisions) and she
>informed me that the first circumcision was done by Ziporah --Moses
>wife-- on her two sons--who at this time are still nameless.
>            Elllllllll
>Ari Davidow  said
>>  Towards the end of the set, California juggler Sara Felder
>>  came on stage to perform her juggling poem, "circumcision,"
>>  a poem musing about the ritual, performed whilst juggling
>>  three large, sharp knives. In its own way, this, too, reminded
>>  us that to play with such fire, and such passion, the music has
>>  to have meaning; it has to come from the heart, and one's
>>  entire being. That is "Mikveh."

Ari Davidow
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