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Review of Lorele's Gelbart CD

I wanted to share with you a review that is featured on the Gantseh
Megillah website (a very informative place!), written by owner, Michael
Vessel of Song
The Music of Mikhl Gelbart
The Lori Cahan-Simon Ensemble 
Lori Cahan-Simon succeeds with her singing, in a way that truly reveals
her talents.  She infuses her songs with a depth of feeling and sense of
mood, that even if one is unfamiliar with the Yiddish language, the
meaning of the songs is crystal clear.  This is no small accomplishment. 
Only an artist with great sensitivity can actually bridge the language
gap and weave the interpretation of the music into the consciousness of
the listener.  Lori is able to inject feeling and a sense of milieu into
each individual note, creating a picture and mood that becomes apparent
even without the benefit of understanding all or any of the words being
sung.  This Cahan-Simon magic is greatly enhanced by the participation of
her superb and accomplished ensemble who help create the entire musical
tapestry that forms the beauty of this collection of songs by Mikhl
Gelbart, one of the finest and most versatile composers of Yiddish songs
ever to have lived. 
This enchanting CD contains a pleasing variety of songs touching on
festive holiday fraylakh, maternal emotions and Yiddishe pride.   Purim,
Chanukah, and Peysakh are remembered with songs such as ?A Gut Yontev
Yidn?, "Khad Gadyo? and a Chanukah medley.  The beauty and serenity of
the Sabbath is honoured with the haunting melody of ?Shabes? and the
great spirit of Yiddishkeit is felt through numbers like ?Muzikantn
(Musicians)?, ?In Shul Arayn (Going to School)? and ?A Viglid (A
 As a professional singer myself, I have a deep understanding and
appreciation of the work and dedication that is involved in learning and
ultimately performing a song.  Each number is like a three act play,
telling a story with a beginning, middle and end within an abbreviated
time frame of just a few minutes.  It ain?t easy and it takes a very
special talent to be able to put life?s feelings into the realm of 8
notes, a few words and in what is a foreign language to many listeners. 
Lori Cahan-Simon is such a talent as are the marvelous musicians who work
with her.  I urge the members of my Megillah family to support Lori?s
work by buying her CD as well as giving them as gifts to friends and
loved ones.  The recipients will be thanking you for a long time to come.
 You can purchase Vessel of Song by clicking on and ordering directly on line.  Or you
can email Lori directly at Lorelecs (at) Juno(dot)com 

You can hear clips from Lori's CDs at:
Email me for purchase or buy at CD Baby or Hatikvah Music at:

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