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Minksker Kapelye

My friend Dmitri Slepovitch of Minsk, Belarus just sent an announcement 

about his band's updated web site.  Dmitri is doing extremely important 

research work on klezmer in Belarus as a doctoral musicology 

candidate.  He is a great clarinetist and the Minsker Kapelye's CD 

is quite excellent- a testament to hard work, sensitivity to the 

genre/repertoire and to the virtuosity of the band's members.  


Dear friends and colleagues,It is my privilege to announce that the web-site of 
the "MinskerKapelye" klezmer ensemble of Minsk, Belarus, is now totally 
renewedand can be reached over the Internet at the following 
URL:http://minskerkapelye.narod.ruPlease do not hestitate to check this site 
out and write us yourcomments and suggestions.Sincerely yours,Dmitri 
Slepovitch, M.A.E-mail: klezmer (at) yandex(dot)ru Personal web-site:

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