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J&T, Montréal, 24-1-04

here's the information for our concert in Montreal on January 24, sorry
for the group mailing, J&T
voici l'info pour notre concert à Montréal le 24-1-04, pardonnez-moi le
courriel général,  J&T

Judith Cohen & Tamar Cohen Adams, 
Chansons judéo-espagnoles et des régions crypto-juives du Portugal, du
Moyen-Àge, de la diaspore sépharade....
Judeo-Spanish songs, songs from Crypto-Jewish regions of Portugal,
medieval songs, songs of the Sephardic diaspora...(including bits of

Saturday/samedi 24-1- 2004 , 20h 
Gelber Conference Centre, 1 Cummings Square 
 $3 /$5  
information,  (514) 345-2627 ext. 3017

(O José, podes falar com a Maria?)
(Sahra, can you tell Sybil? or give me her email address?)
(Susan, I don't have your phone number)
(David - hope to get to Maimonides if you give me the info and it's ok)

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