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Re: Yidish Peysakh songs

A brief rambling pre-Passover response -  Prof. Thomas Hubka at the
University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, does very interesting research on East
European synagogues. I remember hearing a paper in which he convincingly
showed how those great wooden synagogues were among finest pre-Hassidic
ashkenazic artistic creations. Once Hasidism took hold, this aesthetic was
replaced by the  simpler shtiblekh and klayzlekh by the early 19th century.
        Though we think of Hasidic niggunim and songs as old, there were
older songs and styles that Hassidism replaced. Since Hassidism made few
inroads in "lite" (Lithuania, white russia, latvia, esthonia), the Litvishe
yeshivas and their traditions, are among the few relatively unbroken chains
of transmission that we have in Yiddish. When I recorded my friend's
Yiddish "Ekhod mi Yodeye" that he learned from his Litvish yeshiva
grandparents, and it corresponded so well to an antique Haggadah, it drove
home this point. - a koshern un zisn peysekh - a kosher and sweet passover
- Itzik    PS - see Yitskhok Rivkind's volozhiner yeshiva niggunim
(including "Khasal sidur peysekh", "gut yontif" ) with melodies in Reshumot
Volume 5, Israel 1927.  pp.376-382.

>Itsik wrote:
>>(this could
>>get us into a theoretical discussion of the Litvish yeshiva world as
>>transmitters of the oldest Ashkenazic musical materials, but we'll leave
>>that for another time)
>I'm curious about this. Is it another time yet?
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