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Celebrate Passover on NPR and Beyond!

Celebrate Passover in the News!!!

Craig Taubman will be interviewed Wednesday  on "The World " -- a program 
produced out of WGBH-Boston and aired on  public radio stations nationally 
(see list at   Music critic Marco 
Werman will talk about the cross-cultural nature of the recording  Please 
tune in!

Other news: our very own Alan Eder will be interviewed on NPR's "Morning 
Edition" on Thursday, 4/20.

Karen Daniel is the subject of a feature in tomorrow's Tennessean in Nashville
Rick Recht will be interviewed in an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 
this week.

and...we're getting lots of great reviews in the Jewish press. Check out this 
month's Hadassah Magazine. Many thanks to all, and have a wonderful holiday.

Celebrate Passover is Availible at Ralphs and Glesons Natioanally as well as 
on the Web at

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