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FW: Purimshpil

Shifra's Bobover Purim shpiel is basically a contemporary post-War Purim 
shpiel (1975-6 and later)  and I understand that Josh is looking for old 

There is a an awful lot of material about Purim shpiel from the last four 
centuries Josh in several languages.  You have to be more specific about 
what you want and then log onto a university library to get a bibliography. 

There are many more Yiddish Purim texts and studies, including several out 
of Hebrew University that we can add to Itsik's list.   I also own several 
shpil texts.   I also have a text of a Yiddish purim opera.

The Gilbert and Sullivan one is supposed to be great, but I have never seen 


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General question to all:

Does anyone know where I can get information on the following:

1) Old music (manuscripts, notation, or 78 r.p.m.s)  played for a
Purimshpil, or Ahasverusshpil? (I have the Vernadsky/Anski CD tracks, so
that need not be mentioned)

2) The text of any old Purimshpils (also Itzik Manger's version) in Yiddish

3) Any iconography, descriptions or information about the scenery, music,
text, costumes of the Purimshpil

Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks in advance.... Josh

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