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Re: notation

> Thank you, Eli for this song--I don't know any Yiddish passover
> songs, and this is just in time for my band's seder gig next month.  I
> think the notation works well for a song like this.  There is a very
> similar notation system in relatively common use in part of Africa, which
> (I think) is equally intuitive/iconic but clearer when more rhythmic
> precision is needed.  Let me know if anyone wants a sample/explanation.
> Becky


What I sent was actually a simplified (and easily e-mailable) version of my
notation, which is actually a bit more complex.  I handle groups of notes
within a single beat not by spacing (as in my posting) but by slurs under
groups of notes or even under groups of slurs; I indicate different octaves
by bars over or under notes; I handle chords or multiple voices by vertical
spread; and so on.


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