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Re: Purim-Las Fallas

In our shul, when I was growing up, we used to write Haman's name in chalk on
the bottoms of our shoes, English on one and Hebrew on the other, and when we
made noise, yelling and twirling our groggers, we stomped our feet, as well.  By
the end of the night his name was, indeed, rubbed out!

MaxwellSt (at) aol(dot)com wrote:

> In a message dated 03/25/2000 8:41:47 AM Central Standard Time,
> l_cahan (at) staff(dot)chuh(dot)org writes:
> << Other sources have confirmed that Jewish boys in Persia stuffed effigies
> of Haman with gunpowder and set it alight. >>
> All of this in contrast to the Megilla reading I was told about in a British
> shul in which, when the name of Haman was mentioned, the entire congregation
> became engaged in furiously writing down his name and then erasing it!
> (blotting it out).
> ~the other Lori

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