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In defense of the musicians

Dear Reyzl,

can you accept that not only scholars are on this list? I understood that 
it's open to everybody involved/interested in Jewish music (should I start 
doubting it?).
Personally, I think it's just our different backgrounds which make this list 
interesting, and enjoyable. We can all learn from each other, music lovers 
from musicians from musicologists, and vice versa. Let's just correct each 
other's errors, and not get angry and offending that fast...

I don't think it's possible to always avoid generalization, without all 
contributions becoming twelve times as long... Again, it's an open platform, 
and many of us will keep making mistakes with pointing out interesting 
aspects, but that shouldn't keep us from doing so. I certainly don't want to 
miss Matt's contributions, and I also don't want to miss yours. I think 
everyone's glad to benefit from your most impressive knowledge. 
By the way, I also don't wanna miss Henry's book. I really can't judge it 
from a scholar's point of view, and I don't know whether Henry's intention 
was to win some science award at all, but from a musician's and music lover's 
perspective it's a gorgeous work. One of its merits, besides all valuable 
information, is that it's readable and enjoyable for all the klezmorim and 
patriotn out there, and that's what helps keeping klezmer music alive, too!

After all, we're all in it for the music. 
Imagine a concert without wrong notes... what a bore!


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