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Re: Klezmer is Jewish Folk Music

In a message dated 12/30/99 1:34:52 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Sapoznik (at) aol(dot)com writes:

<< it was Beregovski who first used the term "klezmer music" in his 1938 
 essay "Yiddishe Instrumentalishe Folksmuzik" >>

To reiterate an opinion I stated in a previous posting regarding a discussion 
on the meaning of "klezmer", to better educate the confused yet growing 
listening audience to this music would it not be wise to simply delare that:

"Klezmer"  is a yiddish/hebrew term for Jewish Folk Music
"OK, that's what  k-l-e-z-m-e-r  is"

If the people making the music and writing about it can't agree what the word 
"klezmer" references how can the public put it in an identifiable context.

Bob Fogel

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