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Re: "Jewish Americana"?

"Americana" is, I believe, a term coined in the radio industry to describe a 
particular slice of music--i.e., from the point of view of the music 
industry.  FWIW, I would reserve "Jewish Americana"--if we are to use it at 
all--for English-language songs by Jewish singer-songwriters that in some 
way or other/to some degree or another engage w/ Jewish identity or culture. 
  (There was a concert of "Jewish singer-songwriters" the other day at the 
Knitting Factory, I believe, which I very much regret missing--though I have 
no idea whether or not I would have liked, or at all responded to, what was 
performed.)  I don't think it makes sense at all applying it to contemporary 
folk-style settings of liturgical or Biblical (Hebrew) texts--or of original 
English liturgy or quasi-liturgy either, for that matter. -- Robert Cohen 
(signing off for the day!)

>From: Velaires (at) aol(dot)com
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>Subject: Re: A Tangent to What is Jewish Music
>Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 14:06:53 EST
>Another possible name is "Jewish Americana".  "Americana" being the 
>genre-titling afforded post-Dylan's like Lucinda Williams, Dave Alvin, Lyle 
>Lovett etc.  It seems to be defined by accoustic guitars and lyrics written 
>by people who labor with intelligence and craftsmanship.
>skip h

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