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Shana Tova!

I am interested in chironomy, the system of hand movements that accompanied
trop. I have read the article in Encyclopedia Judaica (was it under
"Masoretes" perhaps) that has 3 intriguing diagrams showing hand signals.
It cited a French encyclopedia of sacred music, which I was able to get,
but it had no more pictures than the ones in EJ.

I am primarily interested in pictures, like "how to",  but also interested
in the history of the development of chironomy.

I have made my own informal system of hand and body movements that I use
when teaching Torah trop (to make a multi-sensory experience), but I'd like
to know if there is a more official way to do it.

Can anyone suggest sources?

Thanks for your reply. A sweet year to all.

Amy Loewenthal
Math Tutor Coordinator
Student Support Services, Centralia College

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