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Re: Re: Re: Klezmer recs anyone?

>Date: Tue, 09 Aug 94 08:43 EDT
>From: Frank_M_BOCHES (at) umail(dot)umd(dot)edu (fb30)
>To: jewish-music (at) nysernet(dot)ORG
>Subject: Re: Re: Klezmer recs anyone? 
>Message-ID: <9408091243(dot)AA01092 (at) umailsrv1(dot)UMD(dot)EDU
>My vote for the best Klezmer group goes to the Capital Klezmers from >the
>Washington,DC area. They feature vocalist Frieda Enoch and violinist
>Vladimir Gamarnik, who was a concertmaster in the former Soviet Union >and is
>simply fantastic.Frank Boches


Hi -- 

        I found this on a HotBot search (I'm not yet subscribed to the
list) -- I just wanted to thank Frank for his kind words, and mention
that the Capital Klezmers' first CD is available:  "String of Pearls" --
if your local Jewish bookstore doesn't stock it yet, contact Frieda at
301-279-8929.  Be well.


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