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Experience Sephardic Culture On-line @ BSZNet (fwd)

Thought the list might like to have this information


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Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 20:40:32 +0000
From: Steven Shweky <steven1 (at) spacelab(dot)net>
Reply-To: WebMasters (at) BSZ(dot)org
To: <Anouncement (at) u(dot)washington(dot)edu> WebMaster (at) BSZ(dot)org,
Subject: Experience Sephardic Culture On-line @ BSZNet

Attention: New Jewish Site Launched  
   About two months ago there was a new site launched on the WWW
   called BSZNet .... "The Virtual Center of the Worldwide Sephardic
   Jewish Community". This website is hosted by B'Nei Shaare Zion
   Congregation which is the largest Sephardic congregation in
   America. BSZNet has quickly grown to be the largest Sephardic site
   in cyberspace!!

   We would like to invite you to visit us at and
   experience Sephardic history & culture like never before ... Visit
   the Great Synagogue in Allepo or learn abour great Sephardic
   Rabbis!! We have many features which are both fun & useful for
   people of all ages. BSZNet is the first site on the WWW to have
   Sephardic music with instrumental accompaniment!! We also offer the
   most comprehensive collection of Judaic links on the World Wide
   Web, including categories like "Links for the Jewish Traveler",
   "Torah Studies Links", "Kids Educational Links", etc..      

    Just to give you a better idea of the quality of our site, here
    are some comments from a few of our visitors:       

      --"This is a wonderful site that sends us back to our noble
         roots ... Go on!!"
     --"Very good beginning!! Your WWW site will  go a long 
         way towards energizing and educating the American
         Jewish community."
     --"At last a Sephardic Jewish page on the internet!!"
     --"It is definitely one of the best  Jewish sites we have 
         visited. The quality of the Syrian Jews exhibition is 
         excellent. Keep up the good work!" 

  BSZNet has so much to offer with new features being added daily ....
  so please visit often!! Please do not hesitate to make suggestions
  by filling out our Electronic Guestbook. Hope to see you soon!!!

WebMaster (at) BSZ(dot)org      

PS. Please forward this e-mail to a friend!! Thanks!! 

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