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[HANASHIR:17235] Re: shiron for shirah b'tzibur

Website?  Hello?
Non-profit, no charge, nearly 800 songs (790 as we speak)
Transliterations. Translations. Many translations in Spanish and Portugese.
Links to websites with the Hebrew words in full.
30-second audio clips.

Direct links on each song page to where you can BUY the CD, and which Track
of the CD each song is on.
It's not perfect, there are omissions, but it allows anyone from anywhere in
the world to participate and send in their favourite songs words with
acknowledgement for their contribution. It encourages corrections at any
time.  A Noticeboard for requests for words.

On the advisory side an Associate Professor of Hebrew who can be consulted
for accuracy.
(see sample

1100 unique visitors every day worldwide.

I invite you all to browse, comment, correct, amend - but most of all to
Warm wishes
Aura Levin Lipski




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Sent: Wednesday, 31 March 2004 1:11 AM
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Subject: [HANASHIR:17234] Re: shiron for shirah b'tzibur

Hi Bob,
A shiron like the one you envision would be awesome, with all of your
suggestions in place.  I know the woman who worked on the Young Judea shiron
- that project took three years and alot of funding - and the worst part was
dealing with ACUM - the Israeli copyright organization (like ASCAP).  Is it
possible that the potential market for such a comprehensive project is
simply too small?
Wouldn't it be even better to have such a Shiron on a CD, or on a website,
where people could print at home only the songs they're interested in? (and
pay for it through the net?)
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From: Robert  <mailto:wiener (at) mindspring(dot)com> Wiener 
To: World music from a Jewish slant <mailto:jewish-music (at) shamash(dot)org>  
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 7:12 AM
Subject: shiron for shirah b'tzibur

Any suggestion for a comprehensive volume or series of booklets of
shironim/songsters for shirah b'tzibur/group singing of Israeli songs -- a
kind of "Rise Up Singing" with the following characteristics (have I left
any important ones out?):
1. comprehensive (includes a large number of songs from all periods, from
the First Aliyah to the present, primarily secular, especially those
reflecting Israel's history)
2. correct (text without too many errors)
3. legible
4. transliterations
5. translations (to English)
6. complete (all verses of songs as composed, in both Hebrew and
transliteration and translation)
I think that it would be wonderful to have a companion version with music.
(Now that I think of it, there used to be a book "The Songs We Sing" by
Harry Coopersmith that had a words-only book and a book with music.  But my
copy is dated 1950, and it is inconsistent in the inclusion of translations
and transliterations.  The Tara series, too, has only partial translations
and transliterations and would require acquiring many volumes which have no
particular themes (e.g., organized by historical period or topic).)
The Young Judaea shiron comes close, but for many of the songs it omits
several verses and only translates and transliterates about half of the
verses it includes.  B'kol Echad does well for the relatively small number
of songs it includes.  
What do list members think of the desirability of having such a work?  Does
my difficulty in finding such a work reflect:
1. the belief that anyone interested enough in the songs of Israel is
probably fluent in reading and understanding Hebrew
2. the great difficulty and time commitment in making good transliterations
and translations?
On the other hand, and a former "BJ" member I have seen how accessibility
can be crucial in getting people involved in singing.  Comments please.
P.S.  In the alternative, I would be interested in suggestions for a
comprehensive volume or series of booklets of shironim/songsters in Hebrew
alone (e.g., I know of the Camp Ramah shiron) that had characteristics 1, 2,
3, and 6.
P.P.S.  This post is quite long, so I imagine that list-members would
appreciate it if those who reply include just the section of my post
relevant to their comments.
Robert Wiener
wiener (at) mindspring(dot)com

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