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[HANASHIR:17197] RE: Songs

In a message dated 3/23/04 8:56:41 PM, QuelliPG (at) aol(dot)com writes:

<< I think you're looking for the song "l'cho ish yesh shem" - it's a 
song.   I can get you the words... how soon do you need it?   the words are 
the 4th grade level tal sela book - does your school use Tal Sela for hebrew? 
 I'm not sure whether I have a recording - it's one of those many songs that 
I learned from someone (by ear) and never saw music.   I could make you a 
recording if you want... let me know.

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Since I recorded all the songs from Tal Sela's 26 cassettes I guess I can 
jump in. It is indeed L'chol Ish Yesh Shem, (Every Man Has a Name) written by 
famous Israeli poet Zelda composed by Chanan Yovel. It is actually on a Chava 
Alberstein recording from the late 70's but otherwise not recorded often. I 
had to arrange and sing it for the project. I can certainly send you the 
translation. I sing it every year in Montreal as part of the Reconstructionist 
HaShana service. It is included as text in many siddurim. It is extremely 
profound and moving - the poetry is gorgeous. 
Fran Avni

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