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[HANASHIR:17198] RE: Songs

("I can certainly send you the translation")

Yes please Fran! 

As you know everyone who provides song words in receives attribution on

Since reading your email I found a recording of Chanan Yovel's - "The Triple

Disk 2,Track 21

but that's as far as I've got.

I know there is another Israeli singer who's recorded it - I can hear his
voice in my mind - but it's a blank at the moment.

Whoever has any info, I'll put it together on Hebrew Songs when you send it

As always, sharing this love of Hebrew music old and new is a joy with all
on the list - thanks Adrian for giving us this opportunity.

Regards to all

Aura Levin Lipski


Since I recorded all the songs from Tal Sela's 26 cassettes I guess I can
jump in. It is indeed L'chol Ish Yesh Shem, (Every Man Has a Name) written
by the famous Israeli poet Zelda composed by Chanan Yovel. 

It is actually on a Chava Alberstein recording from the late 70's but
otherwise not recorded often. I had to arrange and sing it for the project.
I can certainly send you the translation. I sing it every year in Montreal
as part of the Reconstructionist Rosh HaShana service. It is included as
text in many siddurim. It is extremely profound and moving - the poetry is
Fran Avni

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