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[HANASHIR:17188] We Are All On the Seder Plate


I'm looking forward to hearing melody for this song.



>From: SELINGER (at) cua(dot)edu
>Reply-To: hanashir (at) shamash(dot)org
>To: hanashir (at) shamash(dot)org
>Subject: [HANASHIR:17153] Passover music at
>Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:43:31 -0500 (EST)
>I've updated the website with a long list of Passover
>favorites, old and new, including both audio tracks and free sheet music.
>Students can use the site to learn or practice chanting The Four
>Questions; several recordings are posted along with Hebrew text,
>transliteration, and translation.
>Also be sure to check out the new song "Frogs!" by Carol Boyd Leon:
>sheet music:
>midi file:
>Look for Carol's upcoming songbook and double CD set, "Gan Shirim," to be
>published in late spring or early summer.
>HN alum Julie Lipson also sent lyrics for her new song, "We are all on
>the seder plate,"
>I'll post the melody also if I can get it from Julie.
>Free sheet music is posted for "Chad Gad Yah," "Dayenu," "The Four
>Questions," and "Go Down Moses."
>Many thanks to all the wonderful artists who generously donated their
>work to all of us!!!
>-Robin Selinger
>  robin (at) totshabbat(dot)com

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