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[HANASHIR:17186] Which Line Is It Anyway?

Chevrei ?

I have seen two different citations for the text ?Al tistakeyl b?kankan eileh b?
mah sh?yeish bo.?  (Do not judge the container, but rather what is inside.)
According to DavkaWriter Text Library; it is Pirkei Avot 4:20, but I have seen
other sources (i.e., the blue GOP).  Which is it?  Or is it the same case as
when I asked about the correct citation for ?Lo alecha . . ? last year (depends
on who you talk to)?

Also, according to one version I learned when an Eisnerite, the phrase was
attributed to Rabbi Yehuda (?Amar, amar . . . amar Rabi Yehuda?).  I have seen
other sources attribute this verse to Rabbi Meir. But I am having a hard time
distinguishing who actually said this phrase from the Hebrew text.  Any clues?
Thanks in advance.


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