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[HANASHIR:17142] Re: need help searching for an old song - part 2

Album of Chaim Hefer songs
(I don't think Ruti is on it but it was a shame not to share the link)

But I did find the Ruti song on this Nehama Hendel album
More about Nehama Hendel another time. She was one of Israel's greatest
singers whom many tried to emulate.
She recorded a magnificent album of songs of the poet Haim Nachman Bialik,
amongst many others.
For years she was part of the duo Ron & Nama, with singer Ron Eliran.

If anyone has the transliterated and translated words to the song, I'd be
most happy to post it on Hebrew

Warm wishes to all
and Shabbat Shalom from Down Under
Aura Levin Lipski





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You are amazing. Through some quickly provided information I could do a
search and find out that Ruti was recorded Nechama Hendel on an album called
30 Years of Israel. So, now request part 2... does anyone have access to
this album? If so, is it possible to obtain a recording of that song? Does
anyone have access to the music? Though we have some good contemporary music
books in our library, we are short in Israeli music.
Once the family is past their immediate grief, I will see if they have more
details of the story of the writing of the song. 

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