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[HANASHIR:14153] RE: Shalom Aleichem

took me a minute to realize that you meant heveinu shalom aleichem, not 
shalom aleichem mal'achei hasharet....    have no idea where it comes from 
but I always sing it with Kindergarten at the beginning of the year - I make 
them count the shaloms.... (it's not easy for them)

as for a round,   how about etz chaim hi - the one with the shalom, shalom 
and clapping... it's not exactly a round, but both parts can be sung 
another easy one that a lot of people don't realize is a round is Torah torah 
torah (tziva lanu Moshe)   - it's actually 3 parts if you do the morasha 
k'hillat ya-akov part.     I actually heard the same melody on a wee sing 
kids tape years ago "let us sing together, let us sing together, one and all 
a joyous song..." .   I have no idea which one was written first. :)

What's my prize ;)

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