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[HANASHIR:14150] Re: Achshav! Achshav! B'emek Yizrael

Thanks to you and Nell. I had figured some of this out by myself, but
along the way discovered another version from a workshop with Robyn
Helzner I went to recently:

Shalom, Shalom, l'eretz Yisrael (2x)
[Hey! Shiru (3x) l'eretz Yisrael] 2x

So I (w/input from my 14-yr. old who helps me teach every Sunday) decided
to go with that one.

Thanks again, 

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003 11:20:04 -0700 Cantor Brad Hyman
<cantorb (at) pacbell(dot)net> writes:
> Okay, here's the skinny:
> There are two accepted versions of this song, of which one was 
> actually
> written and the other bastardized (but effective).
> Achshav! Achshav! B'emek Yizrael )2x
> Hoy, tumba, tumba, tumba! B'emek Yizrael) 2x
> "Now, now in the Jezri'el Valley! Hoy, tumba, tumba, tumba in the 
> Jezri'el
> Valley."
> The Jezri'el Valley is one of the most lush in the Gallilee, and the 
> reason
> is because of the efforts of the Chalutzim or pioneers who cleaned 
> it out
> from malaria infested swamp land into wonderful farm land.
> The other version of the song substitutes "emek Yizrael" with "Eretz
> Yisrael" or the "Land of Israel." The only reason I suspect this was 
> done is
> because when well-meaning folk tried to take this song back from 
> Israel to
> teach in the States, they misheard the words for something they 
> understood.
> Who knows?
> Hope this is timely enough,
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