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[HANASHIR:14149] Achshav! Achshav! B'emek Yizrael

Okay, here's the skinny:

There are two accepted versions of this song, of which one was actually
written and the other bastardized (but effective).

Achshav! Achshav! B'emek Yizrael )2x
Hoy, tumba, tumba, tumba! B'emek Yizrael) 2x

"Now, now in the Jezri'el Valley! Hoy, tumba, tumba, tumba in the Jezri'el

The Jezri'el Valley is one of the most lush in the Gallilee, and the reason
is because of the efforts of the Chalutzim or pioneers who cleaned it out
from malaria infested swamp land into wonderful farm land.

The other version of the song substitutes "emek Yizrael" with "Eretz
Yisrael" or the "Land of Israel." The only reason I suspect this was done is
because when well-meaning folk tried to take this song back from Israel to
teach in the States, they misheard the words for something they understood.
Who knows?

Hope this is timely enough,

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