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What is on topic....

Perhaps you have a point, albeit a small one. Perhaps a little venting on my 
part. My apologies - albeit a small amount....
And now to respond:
On topic does include the fact that many fine musicians out there on this 
list would benefit from hearing either success or horror stories and therefore 
might promote   more music happening - which IS on topic. 
I do find your reaction to a rather small discussion rather over-the -top, I 
have to say...
This list discusses music, musicians, and sometimes how that music gets 
heard. It's one thing for a practicing musician to learn their craft well and 
perform for others; that's our "job." But if we spend our time communicating to 
those in charge who ignore all signals as to how to get that fine performance 
there then we've wasted a great deal of precious time that could have been 
artfully put to better use.   It's also part of the musician's job to find out 
how to get that music heard and therefore some on the list might have good 
suggestions. All in the name of "Jewish Music."   Your next posting of "Enuf 
already" implies also that there were numerous postings on this. I hope this 
doesn't detract people from responding in a positive way on what IS going on in 
certain new venue so that klezmer can get heard more in NYC - as originally 
posted - and how this discussion got going - ON topic.

Adrianne Greenbaum &
Associate Professor of Flute, Mount Holyoke College
Klezmer flutist: “FleytMuzik” and “Family Portrait”
Classical: "Sounds of America" or

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