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more on xylophone/marimba

The Kleveland Klezmorim, probably the first klez-fusion band of the
revival, used marimba as the lead instrument.  

The group, which began in 1983, did an LP, "Sound of the World's Soul,"
1985; an audio cassette, "Kleveland Klezmorim: Live," 1986; and a
CD,"Casbah," 1989.

All these recordings are out of print.
Bandleader Greg Selker played the marimba.

"Casbah," the CD, was produced by WKSU-FM, the Kent State University public
radio station. And some of the songs on the CD were featured on WKSU-FM's
nationally broadcast Hanukkah specials.

The group disbanded in 1990. 

In the "credit where due" department, Harvey Pekar wrote about Selker
several times, in comic-book and essay form, describing Selker as a gutsy
innovator.  Pekar's comic strip, "A Rose for Greg Selker," originally
appeared in the Village Voice in 1993.  Then it was re-issued in the 1997
"American Splendor" -- the collection subtitled "Music Comics" -- put out
by Dark Horse Comics.  That's probably still available.

Selker was a fusion fiend; he would not play "Hava Nagila," which basically
cost him every bar mitzvah gig in town. 

Bert Stratton




At 11:19 PM 1/20/04 +0100, you wrote:
>Di Rayze Nukh Amerike, the Trip to America  (recorded 1929).
>Dave Tarras with the Abe Schwartz Orchestra.
>1. Sy Kushner's Klezmer Fakebook Volume II. Track 19
>2; the companion CD (Yazoo 7017, track #11) to
>Henry Sapoznik's Book Klezmer! Jewish Music from Old World to Our World.
>Syncoop 5756 CD 201: Di Gojim : fun shtetl un sjtets, (1996)  track #2 with
>Cor van Sliedregt

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