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correction to JMRT

Correction to yesterday's JMRT announcement:
Professor Mandel intends to attend the JMRT, but only as a spectator.
He will be performing at the Composer/Performer RT the next day.

Here's the entire announcement in case this is confusing:

At our Music Library Association national meeting in Washington, D.C. this
coming February, 2004, and there will be an event of interest at the Jewish
Music Roundtable. This year the JMRT is scheduled for Thursday Feb. 12,

Bret Werb of the US Holocaust Museum, will talk about "Music Resources at
the US Holocaust Memorial Museum" and Leonard Lehrman, will speak on The
Jewish Social Conscience in Music, from Sacco and Vanzetti to the

Leonard has arranged to bring his wife, the singer Helene Williams, and
there is scheduled to be a musical performance by Leonard and  Helene.

 Leonard and Helene will be performing selections from this list:
 A. a portion of "Haymarket" from E.G.: A Musical Portrait of Emma Goldman
 music by Leonard Lehrman; text by composer & Karen Ruoff Kramer;
 B. "Crimes" - music by Leonard Lehrman, poem by Edith Segal
 C. "The Shofar" from the Rosenberg Cantata: "We Are Innocent"
 music by Leonard Lehrman; text by Ethel Rosenberg
 D. a short passage on Italians & Jews from the opera "Sacco and Vanzetti"
 words & music begun by Marc Blitzstein, completed by Leonard Lehrman
 E. the Act I Finale from E.G.: A Musical Portrait of Emma Goldman,
 "I Believe," "The Judith Dream," and "If I Can't Dance, It's Not My
 F. a singalong of my recently published (in Jewish Currents) secular
 translation of "Shir L'Shalom" by Ya'acov Rotblit & Yair Rozenbloom

Bret Werb, Music Specialist at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum since 1992,
has programmed the Museum's long-running recital series and produced three
CDs for the Museum. He has lectured widely on aspects of Holocaust-related
music and is a contributor to the latest edition of The New Grove Dictionary
of Music & Musicians.  He is curating an online exhibition showcasing the
Museum's music collection,

Leonard Lehrman, directs the Oceanside Chorale and is Organist for Temple
Isaiah in Great Neck, as well as Reference Librarian at Oyster Bay-East
Norwich Public Library, and Director of the Long Island Composers Archive at
Long Island University. He is the editor of The Marc Blitzstein Songbook
(Boosey & Hawkes), and has written 165 compositions, many of which have been
heard across Europe, North America, Australia, in Israel, at the United
Nations, and at conventions of the Guild of Temple Musicians, Modern
Language Association, National Opera Association, Sonneck Society, Young
Leadership (Davos), Moscow Youth Festival, and Music Library Association.

Helene Williams, co-founder of the Bronx Opera (with Michael Spierman) and
of The Elie Siegmeister Society and Court Street Music (with Leonard
Lehrman), has performed in all genres across North and South America, Europe
and Australia.  Founder of Accent Reduction In English Speech, she teaches
at Queensborough Community College.  A former member of the Metropolitan
Opera Extra Chorus, Artists International competition finalist, and Bronx
Council on the Arts Award winner, she has recorded on Capstone, Opus One,
Premier, and Original Cast Records.

If you have further questions, email me off list at: pinnolis (at) 
Judith Pinnolis
Chair, Jewish Music Roundtable

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