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Re: Researching Klezmer in the UK

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A British Jewess named "Cherokee" doing ethnomusicological research?  Go
figure!  Happy New Year.

Fred Blumenthal
xd2fabl (at) us(dot)ibm(dot)com

Several years ago, an American Jew who was studying at Hokaido University
was looking for information on Jewish music.  As I recall, it wasn't for a
college program, but his own interest.

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Would anyone like to help?
I am an undergraduate at Southampton University, doing a research project
Klezmer in the UK - 1880 to the present.  The following questions relate to

the present (last 20 years or so), but if you have any historical
information you would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

Are you interested or involved in Klezmer music in the UK?

Are you resident here, or do you travel here to participate or perform?

How did you first become involved in Klezmer?

Do you play in an ensemble ¡V professional or amateur?  Where?

Please give some information about the instruments, repertoire, name of
band, etc.

What functions do you play for? (e.g. weddings, concerts, community, etc.)

Is dance involved?  Which dances?

If you do not play, what is your involvement?

Is your background Jewish or non-Jewish? (ignore if you wish).

What does the Klezmer experience mean to you? (e.g. roots, identity, just
fun, drawn to it, etc.)

Many thanks.  I appreciate your time, and thanks to all those at Klezfest,
London who were so generous with their help and advice.


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