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Re: San Francisco Jewish Music Festival

All about Arcady Gendler you can read at

Yana Yanover
Durector, The Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine

>Can anyone report on the Jewish music festival that happened in San
>Francisco recently? I met the Ukrainian Yiddish singer who was flown in for
>the event, his name escapes me. His repertory was very impressive and he
>said they recorded him in a studio. Who would be the contact person to find
>out about this recording? - Itzik

>Dr. Itzik Nakhmen Gottesman
>Assistant Professor, Yiddish Language and Culture
>Department of Germanic Studies
>University of Texas at Austin
>EPS 3.102
>Austin, TX 78704-1190
>NEW PHONE NUMBER (512)232-6360 work
>(512)444-3990 home


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