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Re: Hescheles

-- Budowitz Home Page:

A crude oversight indeed! In the excitement of defending one of the warmest,
most knowledgable klezmurim I've ever met, I overlooked the most important
detail. Do you know where his poetry is available? He recited some poetry of
other writers to me and even some couplets of a badkhn in Gliniany who loved
Heine so much that he tried to emulate him in his badkhunes in Daytsmerish.
If anyone else can come up with stunts like this as convincingly as Yermye,
I'd like to hear about it. He's an ethnologs khulem. He also wrote a
monograph on Klezmer-loshn in the 60's which he no longer has (nor was it
traceable by YIVO, whom he remembers giving it to) If anyone ever comes
across these things, they are oytsres of the first degree. I also forgot to
say how important YOU were in contacting Yermye. It was through you that I
learned about him! Thanks! Josh

> Joshua, you forgot to mention that Yermye Hescheles is a poet. That is how
> he is primarily known in the Yiddish world. He basically went into
> seclusion once he retired in the early 70s. He was a journalist for the
> Tog/Morgn Zhurnal from the 40s to the 60s, but I believe that was his "day
> job", and poet was/is his "real" job. He is an amazing source of
> information and insight, may he be well till 120. - Itzik
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