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Re: Response to Rootsworld review.

I'm glad Joel got off a letter in response to this absurd review, and am 
only sorry I just didn't get a chance--I'm usually a week or two, or three 
or ... behind on these threads--to add:  1) that Ladino folk melodies were, 
of course, so far as I know, the special province of women--though Aaron 
Howard includes them on a list of genres on the record that, by implication, 
would not traditionally be sung by women in Judaism; and 2) Howard even 
gives an incorrect citation for the Jeremiah verse which he then 
(ludicrously) misquotes--It's 31:19, not 31:20, of Jeremiah.  Good grief! -- 

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>Subject: Response to Rootsworld review.
>Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 15:22:06 -0500
>Thanks to all that helped, and I thought we had a great discussion.
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