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Re: New Jewish Music: categories

To name something is also a very Jewish thing to do.  Just think of
Adam's naming of the animals and the renaming of some of the
matriarchs and patriarchs in the Torah.

To take something of a tangent from the fascinating comments of this
thread, I had been thinking of Jewish music categories before it began
.  For those of you (including music librarians) who have large
collections of Jewish music recordings, how do you organize them?  For
example, Klezmer, Yiddish Folk Songs, Sephardic, Oriental, Israeli,
Theater, Labor Songs, Shoah (Ghetto Songs, Documentary...), Jewish
Classical (e.g., Yiddish Art Songs, Instrumental (Bruch's Kol Nidre?),
Liturgical Settings (Bloch's Avodath Hakodesh?), New Jewish Music,
Hassidic, Liturgical/Cantillation/Biblical Chant/Choral/New (Debbie
Friedman et al), Dance, World (e.g., Ethiopian, Indian), Children's,
Holidays, let alone the Electronic, Spoken & Comedy, Mixed (e.g.,
Ladino/Yiddish).  (Most of the above is music by Jews for Jews on
Jewish themes so I haven't mentioned Christian Messianic music in
Hebrew and anti-Semitic music of all sorts.)

Do you combine some of these categories?  Do you separate Traditional
and non-Traditional?  (If so, how do you know which is which?)  Or do
you put them all together by the artist's last name or title
(English/Hebrew/Yiddish?) for anthologies?

To categorize something is also a very powerful thing to do.  And then
you decide what's in and what's out.

Nothing like a broad question to keep our excellent momentum going at
this time of year.


P.S. Note that I haven't even asked how you catalog them (e.g.,
software, transliteration of Ladino/Yiddish/.

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Date: Friday, December 31, 1999 5:25 AM
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>The reinstallment of the term "*Klezmer music* in the beginning of
>so-called klezmer revival in the 70's by Henry Sapoznik, Andy Statman
>and Zev Feldman was among the smartest marketing decisions that
>to launch the movement. The industry needs labels - it cannot survive
>without them. It serves to create an umbrella term for easily
>identifyable events and concerts. It serves to create a shelf
>in record stores....

 To name something is a very powerful thing to do....


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