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Re: Yivo Transliteration

   I would love to see this also, since I'm now trying to learn Yiddish 
   Trudi the G
   email: trudigoodman (at) yahoo(dot)com

>From: Joshua Horowitz <horowitz (at) styria(dot)com>
>Reply-To: jewish-music (at) shamash(dot)org
>To: World music from a Jewish slant <jewish-music (at) shamash(dot)org>
>Subject: Yivo Transliteration
>Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 14:29:32 +0100
>Quick Question:
>Does anyone have a fairly complete legend or tabulation of the Yivo
>Yiddish Transliteration system that they can post here or email me?
>Thanks in advance, Josh

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