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Re: NON-MUSIC: footnote re Paul & the Jews

My understanding is that Paul (ne Saul) precisely preached primarily to 
*Gentiles* (*not* to Jews), inviting them to join a new, non-Jewishly-based 
and grounded, religion (i.e., not JC's own)--and was thus the real founder 
of Christianity.

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>Some legends place Spain's first Jewish residents at the time of the
>destruction of the first temple by Nebuchadnezzar, in the sixth century
>B.C.E. or still more improbably from Solomon's time, in the 10th century
>B.C.E. Jews had certainly been living in Spain since Roman times, typically
>in Mediterranean ports. The destruction of the Second Temple in the first
>century B.C.E. accelerated the influx. Since St. Paul desired to preach in
>Hispania in the first century (and since his missions were principally to
>Jews) we can assume a population significant enough to warrant his


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