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the last Mitzvah for 1999

  Dear Friends,
  A package of seforim arrived at the Embassy of Israel in Washington this
  week.  It bore no address whatsoever.  Obviously someone at the post
  had opened it, somehow had recognized its Jewish/Hebrew content, and 
  some reason decided to send it over to the Embassy rather than throw it
  the deadletter pile.  Luckily, someone in the mail room recognized its
  religious content and brought it up to me.
  The contents are clearly part of a young couple's library.  Please help
  me find them!  These seforim have come too far to go ownerless.
  The box contains half of a new Shas, and a handful of Artscroll-type of
  books, including books for brides and grooms.
  It appears that the couple got married about six months ago.
      Her name: Naomi Freeman.
      His name: Justin (Yehuda) Goldberg
  Another clue:  An author named Malka Kaganoff personally signed her 
  entitled "Dear Kallah" and dedicated it to Naomi.  Does anyone know
  Kaganoff?  (Irony of irony, based on the book's dedication to her
  Yirmiyahu, I may have attended grade school with her brother-in-law.)
  Last clue:  The chattan or kallah received a sefer Tehillim at Elchanan
  Greenberg's "aufrauf" in Jerusalem six months ago.
  Please pass this email around to communities which may help.  I also
  contacted The Jewish Press.
  Lenny Ben-David

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