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The Last flamingo

    A number of months ago, we were trying to see if there were any Jewish 
Rhythm & Blues "Doo Wop" groups. I had submitted "The Flamingos", whose 
rendition of "I Only Have Eyes For You" has since become a classic.

I just received the following from a friend, the writer was a concert 
promoter and radio personality in the 50's.

>>I learned Zeke died while back (Dec. 24)  home in Pittsburgh--the "Oldies 
Capitol >>of the World," 
>>The Flamingos were frequent guests of ours and I rank their harmonies (honed
>>while singing Hebrew religious songs in Chicago synogogues) among the
>>greatest ever committed to vinyl.  Ezekiel was the last of the group's
>>original vocalists, I believe.  Nate Nelson and Jake Carey have been gone
>>for some time.>>

I was fortunate enought to meet Ezekiel once about 15 years ago. A very nice 
gentle man.


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