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Re: The meter of the Jewish zhok

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996 17:34:03 -0700 (PDT) Jeffrey Wollock
<svzandt (at) igc(dot)apc(dot)org> wrote:

>       Finally, let me emphasize that these are analytical observations only.
>I don't believe it's possible to play any of these figures, or at least play
>them with the right "feel," by literally counting out the units. Just as with
>jazz, it is possible only to feel the various groupings in the right
>proportions and syncopations.

Khaverim Jacobowitz & Wollock,

I agree with the above statement - it seems to me that musical analysis is
useful only insofar as it gives one a handle on an unwieldy situation. To
overanalyse, however intellectually appealing this may be, may not serve the
purpose for which it was intended, in this case ostensibly to make the Zhok
more playable. 

Though your analysis is, imho, well thought out, and a valid description of
your musical experience, the question for musicians remains: how does this
help me make music? 

This is not a criticism as much as a reminder, if you will, from one
musician to another, that music is a living breathing sound first, an
intellectual construct a respectable second.

Moshe Denburg

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