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[HANASHIR:17247] Searchable Archives

Introducing  <>

Have you experienced trouble searching the archives
of the Shamash mailing lists, like me?
Have you always wished that there were an easy way
to find a mail thread of several months or years ago?

As a service to the public, Chazzanut Online now
contains a fully searchable and browsable archive of
the <jewish-music (at) shamash(dot)org> (1992-2004) and
<hanashir (at) shamash(dot)org> (1996-2004) mailing lists.
That's more than 800MB worth of data!

Now you can finally read again what Ari Davidow thought
about Jewish Music way back in 1992:
not to speak about 1986...

Care has been taken to protect the archive server
against e-mail harvesting spam bots, by scrambling all
the e-mail addresses contained within the messages.

Again, enjoy the services of <>

Drop me a line if you have any suggestions to improve
the service.

 Irwin Oppenheim
 i(dot)oppenheim (at) xs4all(dot)nl

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