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[HANASHIR:17222] RE: Hava Nashira Van transpo (the saga continues)


As I will finally be back at HN this year, I'm offering to serve as a
central repository for van/ride sharing info, using the web
site. Once you have reservations and openings for a van, send me the info,
and I will post it. It might also be helpful for anyone driving, or picking
up a rental car, to share that info if they are looking to share expenses.
Also, taking it a step further, I can collect data on flight arrivals and
departures and try and help make a shidduch for ride sharing between people
arriving/departing around the same time blocks.

As you may recall, in some years the many on this list who can't make it to
HN often find themselves feeling left out as all these "van sharing"
messages traffic through the list before HN. As always, I do consider these
messages appropriate, but perhaps we can alleviate some of the
"feeling-left-out-ness" by using a part of the web site as a place to
connect? Just a thought.

-Shavua tov,


Adrian A. Durlester, MTS
E-mail: adrian (at) durlester(dot)com
Director of Education & Congregational Life, Bethesda Jewish Congregation,
Bethesda, MD
Co-Director, Hazamir/JTAI Choir of Greater DC
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