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[HANASHIR:17213] 2nd request for help

Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music and possibly a recording of  
"Kidushah: Garden of Holiness" words and music by Ann Leisawitz.   My 
sisterhood is requesting this piece for a service they are doing.

The words are listed below: (from a WRJ service)



Come with me, to a garden full of holiness

Come with me to a place where God resides.

Feel the peace and the beauty that surrounds you

All the beauty that surrounds you



Plant your seeds in the garden full of holiness

Watch them grow as the blossom in the sun

Feel the warmth and the beauty of Creation

All the beauty of Creation



Bring your prayers to the garden filled with holiness

Let your song praise the gifts of Adonai

Feel the spirit of God that dwells inside of you

Feel the spirit of God that dwells inside you.


Hopefully someone can provide some help.

Cantor Remmie Brown
CantorBrown (at) cox(dot)net
Cranston, RI  02920
(Temple) 401-942-8350
(Home)   401-724-2203

Let your heart be filled with music.
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