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[HANASHIR:17168] Re: Maggid

Hi Wendy,

I put together a family-friendly haggadah a few years back. I didn't use online sources, but I did find a GREAT kid-friendly retelling of the story in A Night of Questions, which is the haggadah published by the Reconstructionist Press. The story is in the form of a play. It's totally engaging, and the kids loved it. The adults did too. We've used it ever since.

The play is in an appendix at the back of the book.

Hope that helps,

Ellie Knepler

On Mar 21, 2004, at 9:19 AM, Wkdk (at) aol(dot)com wrote:

I am in the process of putting together a family hagaddah. Can someone recommend a site or two that has a good version of the retelling of the story?  Our seder has close to 40 family members, more than a third of whom are children.  I'm hoping for something family friendly.  Thanks in advance.
Wendy Kosakoff

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