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Re: Shmuel Brazil's "Shalom Aleichem"

I look forward to hearing the (original?) Regesh version.   Robert, do you
mean that "Shabbes" is available as a CD, but that this version may be
available in some compilation in the future?

Having now heard 2 versions of Shmuel Brazil's "Shalom Aleichem", I much
prefer the Mayer Davis et al version (Shabbat for Starters -- no link found)
to the Beatachon version (link provided by Sam ).  Beatachon harmonizes (is that
the technical music term?), smooths out the rhythms, and substitutes some
notes making for a more "popular" but less exciting rendition.  (Simply
reading Sam's vocables gives me more of a feeling of the energy of the
piece.)  It's fascinating how different versions of the same tune can be  --
even when made by the same musical forces as in this case (male a capella

Maybe list members have favorite examples of  dramatically different
versions of other tunes.  Or would that be opening too large a topic?


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Subject: Re: Shmuel Brazil's "Shalom Aleichem"

> >Do list members have favorite versions of his "Shalom Aleichem"?
> Well, personally I think the version on REGESH:  SHABBES is a gevalt!
> That version may be available on another CD soon, but that's for another
> time ...
> --Robert Cohen
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