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Re: klezmer and electronic

Hello Fredie!

In Europe, I would suggest Kol Simcha (from Basel, CH), Zakarya (from 
Strasbourg, France), Oy va voy (from London) and Klezmokum (from Amsterdam, NL).
In the USA, Frank London's Brass Allstars (ex - Di Shikere Kapelye),  David 
Krakauer, John Zorn, Eliott Sharp, The New Klezmer Trio, Anthony Coleman and 
The Klezmatics (from NY), Brave Old World (from everywhere).

But I'm sure you'll get thousands of otheranswers.

Michael Alpert also recorded recently a HipHop Khasene with Josh Dolgin and 
Sophie Solomon...
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  From: Frédérique Berni 
  I am looking for musiciens mixing klezmer music with electronic music, jazz 
  If you can help me to find interesting musiciens or projects.

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