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Kaczerginski song

The song in question is "yid, du partizaner" (The Jewish Partisan).
Kaczerginski cites the lyrics in the chapter "velder zingen" (Singing
Forests) of his memoir "ikh bin geven a partizan" (p 219).  You'll find the
song in "lider fun di getos un lagern" on pages 351 (words) and 428
Bret Werb
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Washington DC
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 22:44:04 +0000 (GMT)
From: Abbi Wood <acw24 (at) hermes(dot)cam(dot)ac(dot)uk>
To: World music from a Jewish slant <jewish-music (at) shamash(dot)org>
Subject: Kaczerginski song

I'm trying to locate a Yiddish song, 'Singing Forests', by Sh.
Kaczerginski, on behalf of a friend. I'd be grateful if anyone could point
me to what song this might be, and what collection it's in. (I have
Kaczerginski's 'Lider fun di getos un lagern' (1947), but at first look I
can't see anything matching this title.)

The details she has given me are as follows:

>> do you know anything of a song called "Singing Forests" by S.
>> Kaczerginski which is apparently in a collection called : Lyrics of the
>> Ghettos and Camps collected by SK and Redagirt H. Laivik ? referred to
>> in article by Dov Levin which he gave me...Jewish Partisans in the
>> Forests of Lithuania and Byelorussia during World War 11 (1941-44).

>The reference is: "In his brief intro to his Yiddish song "Singing
>Forests" (about the meaning of the Jewish Partisan's revenge) he wrote:
>"I begot this song as I was marching along, and memorised it all the way
>to the wooden hut - at which point it already had a melody too..." (S.
>Kaczerginski, I was a Partisan. Buenos Aires, 1952, page 221.

Thanks very much,


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