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Re: Meaning of "Klezmer"

In a message dated 12/31/1999 9:48:58 AM Central Standard Time, 
media (at) kamea(dot)com writes:

<< Like the "shmoos" in the "Li'l Abner" comics --
 at this point, it  can be  anything you want it to be.... >>

The only problem (not to extend this discussion ad nauseum) is that the 
presenter or audience might be thinking of one kind of klezmer and be upset 
when the music turns out to be another.

To solve this problem, I recommend employing the catagories suggested in a 
prior posting, prior thread concerning the Cincinnati concert (please forgive 
me, the poster's identity escapes me but the words were wise):
There are basically three types of klezmer music: 
1) Preservationist/European (e.g., Brave Old World, Perlman)
2) Contemporary (e.g. Zorn, Klezmatics)
3) Entertainment (e.g. KCB, yours truly--Maxwell Street)

If you are expecting one and get another, there is bound to be a rumble of 
disappointment in the crowd.  So some finer definitions instead of the 
insidious and now almost useless "klezmer" would be helpful.

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