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"outing" Global Village Music

I would certainly like to add to the recent discussion of "outing" Global
Village Music on this list. This is a far-reaching issue which I know
affects far more artists than the few who have aired their opinions here

Regarding my own experience with Global Village/Michael Schlesinger (the
sole proprietor): I have received NO ROYALTIES for any sales of "Brave Old
World" (Joel Rubin Klezmer Band, GVM C122) since January 1993 (!), although
I have seen this recording for sale in stores in many countries, including
the US, Great Britain, France and Germany. I have also been denied for a
number of years all attempts to purchase product from Global Village at the
artists' price as stated in my contract, thus effectively blocking my
ability to sell this cassette at concerts and other events. In addition,
and perhaps worst of all, an unauthorized/unlicensed CD of the original
audio cassette was brought out on the market in 1995. Not only was I not
notified of this release, it is of inferior audio quality, having been
produced from the original cassette master without the necessary
remastering for CD. 

I know there are at least several other members on this list who have been
affected by similar problems with Global Village -- we have had numerous
private discussions about this. 

I am happy to say that I was able to remedy the situation vis a vis the CD
issue by bringing out a re-mastered, authorized CD version of the old
cassette in my and Rita Ottens' Jewish Music Series with Schott Wergo
("Hungry Hearts"; SM 1615-2) in April of this year. (This, of course, does
not affect the 6 years of back royalties due or any of the other issues
mentioned above.)

Barring legal action, I and the other artists involved cannot prevent
Global Village from further exploitation in the form of continued
distribution of our products, non-payment of royalties, etc. However, I DO
think that distributors and store owners -- now having this knowledge --
should, out of respect for the artists, seriously consider no longer
carrying these products in their stores and catalogues. They have plenty of
other recordings to sell, including ones by the same artists. 

Joel Rubin

(Isabelle Ganz wrote on 21 Dec: "It would be lovely if we would cease to
"out" our elected representatives for their private peccadillos but begin
to "out" unscrupulous businesses like Global Village Music, which has
cheated most of its artists out of
their earned royalties.  ALHAMBRA and the MAXWELL ST. KLEZMER BAND are but
two of its victims.  Any more out there?")

(Lori Lippitz wrote on 21 Dec.: "For your interest, music recording buyers:
 "Maxwell Street Wedding" (or its former title, Wedding Party) is being
sold against the wishes of the artists by Global Village Music, which does
not pay royalties to Maxwell Street for sales of its recordings (likewise
GVM stiffs many others on its label).
Sadly, exploiters like this continue to stay in business".)

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