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LA radio

Dear List Members:

The following  excerpted e-mail may be of interest to those involved in
radio programming in the Los Angeles area.
I am aware that Larry Mayer at KUSC plays Jewish music around Holidays. 
 Is there no other Jewish (Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino etc.) music to be
heard in the <Shtot fun Malokhim> on a regular basis?
("The bush in Canada" is a reference to the great Province of British

Git shabes alemen,

Wolf Krakowski
Kame'a Media

> This is Leo Sabulsky from Leo & Friends -
> I have played your CD, "Transmigrations" on three occasions over the
>past month and last night, I received a man and woman staying at a trailer
>park.  The man called while I was on the air, and  said:
> "Congratulations for a wonderful show - I cried when I heard the Yidishe
> Maykholim". 
> I was pleased when I heard his comment and I had to put him on hold since I   
>       >had to play the next tune.  When I came back, his wife talked on and 
> on:
> "We are from Los Angeles and we have never heard Yiddish music
> on the air ever before".  
>She demanded to know, "What kind of station are  you anyway?" 
> I explained that we are a community radio station. 
> With a schriek and a yip, she broke into Yiddish. 
>"Listen lady, I don't speak Yiddish." 
> "Why not, you play the &^?# (sic) music?  Your mama would not be happy        
>      >with you," she drawled on.
> I had to put her on hold to announce the next song.  
>When I came back, the man was on and he announced to me that he wanted the 
>>man who sang the song  and he wanted him now.  
>Without hesitation, I told him your name and the Kame'a Media label. 
> As I was to do the next song, he said that he wanted the CD and that he 
>wanted to know how I got it - 
>"I travel all the way from LA and I find Yiddish music in the bush of Canada?  
>>Why is that?" 
> I had to go and  all I know was that he was from LA and his wife's name was 
> >**** and she  was very talkative.  
>Her last words were: "I do love those songs."
> Leo Sabulsky
> CHET Radio 
>Chetwynd, BC

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