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Re: Cantorial Assembly

Yes the Cantors Assembly Convention will be in Chicago from May 25-29, 
1997.  Most events will take place at the Intercontinental Hotel.  If you 
are interested in becoming a member of the Cantors Assembly contact their 
office  CAOffice (at) jtsa(dot)edu      You do not need to be a member to 
the Conevntion or any part of it.  There will be excellent and important 
workshops and classes on everything from teaching Bar/t Mitzvah students 
with special needs, Computers for music writing, Interviewing techniques 
for getting a job and several presentations on the future of Jewish 
worship and new music to engage congregants.

There will also be spectacular concerts and special presentations from 
the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, Gene Siskel on Jews in Movies and other 
exciting programs.  For more details call Cantor Henry Rosenblum in 
Chicago 847-432-8900 who is chairing this convention.

Cantor Sheldon M. Levin
slevin (at) mciunix(dot)mciu(dot)k12(dot)pa(dot)us

On Sat, 17 May 1997, Lawrence Cohan wrote:

> The cantorial assembly is in Chicago during May and I was wondering if
> anyone knows how I can get in.  I am an unofficial cantor on Friday nights
> at my Shul and am very interested in getting some music that I can use. 
> Thanks.
> Larry
> Live Long and Prosper
> Larry Cohan
> lcohan (at) kiwi(dot)dep(dot)anl(dot)gov
> Hyde Park Career Academy
> 6220 S. Stony Island
> Chicago, IL   60637
> 312-535-0937 (work)
> May the Force Be With You

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