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[HANASHIR:17230] song leader program advise.

I need some advise.  I started a songleaders program and its not working out.  
And before it doesn't blow up in my face and end; I'd like to try and save it, 
if at all possible and if it isn't already too late.
For those have song leader programs currently running and are working out, 
could you give tell me what you do, basically curriculum outline of how you 
work things and what the kids do with the skills at the Temple.  I really would 
like to know as much as possible.
The reasons for the program not working out are not important only that I am 
totally bumbed! (long story that I am sure no one would like to hear! lol)
I am asking for advise for kids (high schoolers) who are currently in programs 
for songleaders or asst. in music classes.  I am not asking about reg. sunday 
school music class.
if you would like to email private...
butterflydolin (at) buckeye-express(dot)com
thanks in advance and happy pesach!
deborah dolin

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