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[HANASHIR:17182] Re: Kutz camp

Kutz has three different academies, each of which offers multiple majors 
(although some are only offered during one of the two academies, it should say 
which those are on the application).

The Arts academy has 2 majors: visual arts and dramatic arts. The dramatic arts 
groups creates a preformance that they share with the rest of camp at the end 
of the academy, while the visual arts major puts on an art show.

The Academy of Living Judaism has 3 majors: Social action, Judaic studies, and 

The Academy of Youth leadership is the largest academy and offers 6 majors: 
youth group leadership, regional board leadership (you have to be a member of 
regional board to participate in this major), song leading (knowing how to play 
the guitar is not necessary, but if someone wants to learn there are basic 
guitar electives offered also), Israeli dance leadership, religious school 
teacher training, junior youth mentoring, and CIT.

Every major meets for a couple hours each morning. Electives and chugim are 
offered in the afternoon, so program participants have the opportunity to 
pursue multiple paths of interest. 

Hope that helped with your question,
Rachel Petroff

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